When you find your purpose and learn how to Clarify Your Message you can Monetize Your Life by following your bliss! You are A Unique Brand and your name is actually a legal entity, that’s why you’re accountable to pay taxes. The Indigo Entrepreneurs and #Lightworkers of the world, like myself, is waiting for you to wake up, go inward, find your purpose and make money doing what you love to create an awesome money story. When you change your mindset about money and retrain your brain to Find Your Rhythm you will Find Your Purpose by default.
Your gift to humanity is what helps to make the world a better place. So stop settling for less… We’re waiting for you to discover your voice and be your best self!
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When you follow your bliss and go within then answer the right kind of soul searching questions you will find your life’s purpose.  When you find your purpose you can radically transform your life and unfold extraordinary experiences into your reality. I’ve discovered that my soliloquy along with meditation and guided visualizations, writing down my plan and taking deliberate action is the very thing that discovered my purpose. Finding my purpose was organic! I received clarity and now my work feels like play because I’m doing what I love! 🙂 I can teach you step by step exactly how to find your life’s purpose with 30 questions. Once you find your purpose, clarify your message and monetize your voice you will begin attracting and manifesting abundance into your life because energy grows where energy goes… We’re metaphysical beings in physical bodies with the mental power to transform our lives by following our bliss and doing what we love.
Our thoughts turns into things whether we meditate or not and whether we’re consciously aware or not. I like to think of The Universe as The ALL KNOWING Mental Mind of our Creator and IT’S always expanding, unfolding, growing and enlarging ITS territory. We were created in the image of our Creator with the same type of ability and our minds wants to expand, unfold and enlarge its territory to manifest God’s glory.  We can manifest our desires according to God’s will for our lives and create our realities by finding our purpose.
Our minds knows no difference between an image and reality, but can manifest an image into our reality because everything is manifested energy.  Under Principals and The Laws of Truth the Universe will deliver the thing we spend the most time thinking of or talking about good or bad.  As co-creators of our lives the same Principles and Laws that governs the Universe can assist us with deliberately and intentionally transforming our lives while doing what we love with ease and grace.
Connecting to Source Energy and to the best future version of yourself to gain clarity and receive Divine guidance is the best way to intentionally take action to revolutionize your life how it was specifically ordained for you. Trust your spirit and let God Divinely guide you step by step, but you have to do the work.
I wrote a phenomenal 142 page book called #30Questions. It’s the perfect Step-By-Step Interactive Guide to help you Find Your Life’s Purpose with grace. Every single human being on this planet was created with the ability to manifest prosperity by doing what we love. We’re all brilliantly and authentically created with a purpose to fulfill. God, the Universe, Source Energy (or whatever you believe) cultivated our intuitive beings with an eagerness to expand and unfold extraordinary life experiences into our reality. The Principle Of Mentalism, The Principle of Correspondence, The Principle of Vibration, The Principle of Polarity, The Principle of Rhythm, The Principle of Cause and Effect, The Principle of Gender as well as The Law of Sowing and Reaping, The Law of Association, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Thinking and The Law of Deliberate Creation all works together for our own good in manifesting our purpose and I’ve learned how to utilize them concussed. I’ve experienced extraordinary things which cannot be explained while suffering from a concussion and taking the #30QuestionsChallenge and going through the Break The Chains Coaching Program that I created. The bible says my people suffer because of the lack of knowledge. We’re praying, but many of us aren’t sitting still long enough to receive the answers, downloads and knowledge we need to create our reality. So we end up going though life in default mode, then plucking up the weeds that show up in life because we weren’t aware or mindful of the Laws that govern the Universe. As above:so below… Everything we need to manifest our lives by design is within us! We can cultivate the soil of our minds and rewire how we think about our health, money, our career, #lovelife, social life and our spiritual life and make our way prosperous by learning how to dial into a higher frequency to transform your lives. The bible also talks about meditating on the word day and night so that you will make your way prosperous and have good success. The ERA for vibrating low because of eating foods with GMO’s, additives and preservatives, drinking beverages with fluoride, chloride and carbonated soft drinks, watching fake news and settling for less while marching to the beat of another rhythm other than my own is over… It’s time to #wakeup and #staywoke!
You are the only one responsible to Break The Chains and declare your breakthrough and your freedom. You’re the only one responsible to get deprogrammed from old ways of thinking and doing things. It’s time to upgrade your efficacy, your value and highlight what you love to do and how you want to live your life if money wasn’t an issue. It’s time to show up on purpose and revolutionize your life and leverage modern day technology to get visible and attract your ideal clients or customers on purpose. Its time to follow your bliss, find your purpose, clarify your message and monetize your brand and I AM more than happy to help you.
You are the solution you’ve been looking for and your transformation starts with ownership!



I’m Leah and I’m also a Mother of three adult children, a grandmother, Author, Speaker and Life Coach. If you resonate with me then you know that living an abundant and prosperous life is your divine birthright.
I believe that we’re all Alchemist of some sort… Moving onward and upward and going from one phase to another is part of the Alchemy process. You literally can begin to transform your life how you envision it with grace as you follow your bliss. I’ve discovered that there are laws that govern the Universe which makes the manifesting process easy and once you’re cognizant of them quantum success happens. The length between time and space shortens and astounding deliberate results comes into fruition.
I can help you discover your purpose within 90 days by following your bliss with the #30Questions Journal. It’s a spiritual self-help personal development success guide with guided visualizations, affirmations and room to journal your thoughts and record your extraordinary results as your life unfolds and your purpose is manifested!
Once you’ve discovered your purpose and this paradigm shift quickened your spirit to go within and connect to your greatest version and be your best self I highly recommend the Deliberately Break The Chains Revolutionary Transformational Coaching Program. You will be led through a series of guided visualizations to transform your life, clarify your message and monetize your brand to make your way prosperous. Click the Follow Your Bliss tab to see if A Unique Brand, LLC is the Firm to help you find your purpose, transform your life and manifest abundance. It’s time to take the limits off of your Creator and make your way prosperous so that you can have good success by doing what you love and what you where created to do.
After you’ve taken the #30QuestionsChallenge or subscribed to the Break The Chains Coaching Program and discern that you are a unique brand, but don’t know how to clarify your message and monetize it online SIGN UP for the Package Your Gift Academy and design your brand exactly how you envision it.
I take all of the guess work out of how to build a brand online for you. I shortened your learning curve by packaging all of my resources in a 9 module 19 video mastermind course. The Comprehensive Personal Branding Course is fun, informative and straight to the point. You can start, stop, rewind, pause and go at your own pace until everything clicks and your brand is congruently and organically formed for monetization. You will have an over my shoulders look as I literally teach you step-by-step how to build the foundation of a bankable brand of your fiscal dreams.
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That’s right ladies & gentlemen, you heard it correctly.  After I came out of my meditation this morning God shared with me 5 Things A Man Needs Before He Gets His Woman and I ain’t even had my green tea yet! 🙂
Hi my name is Leah and as a Transformational Life Coach it would be a sin for me to keep this valuable information a secret. This knowledge has blessed my spirit and I know it will do the same for you!  So as my free gift to you I created an eBook, line upon line and precept upon precept to convey what those 5 things are. Please submit your info below and expect your blessing to arrive to your inbox shortly…Namaste.