My name is Leah R. Evans and I Am a Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Light Worker. I’m also a mompreneur of 3 adult children and grandmother of an adorable two year old little boy. I Am purpose driven, faithful, sincere, brave, dependable, solid, resourceful, witty, fun loving, crazy, kind, caring, ambitious, spiritual, intuitive and entrepreneurial spirited.  Although I have many talents my gift yields me to discover the hidden talents that you devalue and how to clarify your message and bring them into focus with ease. My signature products #30Questions, the Package Your Gift Academy and the Break The Chains coaching program are tools you can have in your toolbox to help you transform your life and create your money story too.

I recognized my intuitive gift when I was 5 years old and able to see spirits and find things that family members lost around the house. My ambitious entrepreneurial spirit rose up when I was 10 after my baptismal. I began serving on the usher board with older women and sang in the church’s youth choir. I made connections with some of those seniors and began providing a door-to-door cleaning service to elderly women in my community and worked it until I was 13.  I took Cosmetology for 3 years while in high school and transformed my appearance then my cleaning customers began to take notice to my hair and became my hairs clients too… businesses expanded. I have an old soul with a wealth mindset, but I’m young at heart and full of vitality and positive energy.

After the birth of my last child in 1998, I began desiring a better way to earn a living, work from home and/or be my own boss. My purpose was to be available for my children 24/7. I followed my bliss and In November 1999 I opened a small 24 hour Non-Traditional Day Care Center with transportation, an After-School Program and Vocational Bible Summer School. I transformed my life by creating a niche and provided a service to families in socioeconomic communities. I converted that program to a Non-Profit Organization and provided a public service to qualifying families in my community then sold it in December 2007 at the onset of the down-turned economy.


I believe every human has divine energy and a unique innate ability.  We’re all brilliantly created to be authentic as ingenuity and innovation cultivates our intuitive beings with an eagerness to expand and unfold extraordinary life experiences into our reality. Don’t second guess anything when your Inner Winner nudges you to move onward and upward. Your soliloquy is the very thing that helps to shape your world and bring your words into fruition because energy grows where energy goes. Thoughts turns into images, images turns into words and words turns into things because the Universe is an ALL KNOWING Mental Mind and is always expanding. There is no difference between an image and reality as all of it is energy. There are Principles and Laws in place which assist us with deliberately creating our realities. If you don’t know what they are and how to apply them you will always live life in default mode struggling and complaining instead of a Co-Creator. We all have our very own Eco-system and I can teach you how to retrain your brain and tap into your Eco-system and begin manifesting your desires by design with ease and grace.

As a Transformational Life Coach and my innate ability enables me to authentically inspire people to deliberately break the chains of comfort which causes lack and go within to intentionally transform their lives by following their bliss and discovering their purpose. I will guide you through visualization exercises which will show you how to transmute fears, patterns and limiting beliefs across time, space, dimension and reality so that you can get your breakthrough and make your way prosperous.

Besides my intuitive entrepreneurial spirit I’ve worked over 25 years holding key positions in corporate America and managed business relationships with multi-million dollar companies in Financial Services, Human Resources, Transportation, Construction and the Oil and Gas Industry.

Because I’m always evolving and aspiring to become the best version of my self, over the past 9 years I took to the internet to learn how I can inspire the masses. I’ve discovered how to package my accumulated expertise to bring you my resources, skill sets and innate abilities to strategically help you to intentionally discover your purpose and how to brand it. I can help you highlight the genius that you undervalue and monetize your life.

It’s time to be consciously aware and spiritually awakened to manifest God’s glory and the freedom you desire. It’s time to learn how to go within and shine LIGHT on the dark areas of your life which keeps you in bondage to living in lack while slaving to the rhythm of settling for less. It’s time to transmute limiting beliefs, fear and patterns and follow your bliss while spending more time with the people you love, doing the things you love and organically bringing your fiscal dreams into fruition with #grace.

Transformation starts with ownership and when you recognize who you are you’ll realize that you are the solution you’ve been looking for.

I work with ambitious and consciously aware people who desire to find their purpose and monetize their brand. The process is simple and most of it is virtual. I offer a Complimentary 20 Minute Discovery Session to see if you’re a good fit for my half-day coaching program. My best seller book #30Questions is a powerful tool to leverage for retraining your brain to #manifest your desires by following your bliss and finding your purpose. I also provide engaging support in a fun private Facebook Community available for people who are participating in the #30QuestionsChallenge. My signature product the Package Your Gift Academy is a Virtual Personal Branding Mastermind Course designed to show you step-by-step how to build a bankable brand online and create passive income as you learn how to attract your ideal clients to you by being you. My Deliberately Break The Chains Revolutionary Coaching Program will transform your life.

Your vision will become crystal clear as you honor your genius and harness your power from within knowing that you are doing exactly what you’ve been created to do in Divine order as you center in on your bliss.

It’s time to get in formation and transform your life! It’s time to grow outside of your cage of comfort and expand your potential to create your AWESOME finances and future. If you can see your vision clearly and apply deliberate intentional action you will also manifest your monetary dreams and get the breakthrough you desire. It’s time to revolutionize your life and function in sync with your purpose!